Cece Reign Upcoming Tours

Dearest Lovers

I cannot get enough of you so will be visiting your beautiful cities again soon!

Queenstown: 17th - 18th August

Auckland: 19th - 21st August

Wollongong: 27th - 28th August

Singapore: 31st August - 2nd September

Newcastle: 10th - 11th September

Hong Kong: 14th - 17th September

Let us indulge. Please SMS or Email for first contact. My lovely receptionist Rebecca will kindly assist you.

Taking pre-bookings now:

Cece xoxo



August is almost here!

I appreciate and admire all of you charming gentlemen who I enjoy such special moments with. Therefore, I am pleased to present my brand new August introductory rates to you - For both new as well as existing clients. For my dear Sydney siders and my interstate lovers as well as my newly acquainted New Zealand sweethearts!

Starting in exactly a month on the 1st, my first-time Amazing August rates are as follows:

45 mins $500
1 hr $600
1.5 hrs $900
2 hrs $1100
3 hrs $1600
4 hrs $2100


45 minutes $1000
1 hr $1100
1.5 hrs $1400
2 hrs $1700
3 hrs $2300
4 hrs $2900

I am so excited!

Taking pre-bookings now:

Cece xoxo


International Tour Dates

International lovers…

I have not forgotten about you!

Feast your eyes and indulge your hedonistic urges on my upcoming international tours!

Auckland: 9th - 12th June
Wellington: 14th - 15th June
Singapore: 25th - 29th June
Hong Kong: 8th - 12th July

Reach out soon to arrange a steamy date

Email: cecereignaus@gmail,com
Whatsapp: +61 417 722 864

I'll be waiting for you!

Cece xx


Australian Tour Dates!

Hello lovers

I have missed traveling Australia for so long! I’m excited to announce my Australia tours - making your upcoming months a whole lot sweeter.

I’m so eager to play so get in touch early to avoid missing out on a taste of me!

Melbourne 1st - 4th April

Canberra 15th - 17th April

Wollongong 24th - 25th April

Brisbane 29th - 2nd May

Perth 6th - 9th May

Adelaide 20th - 23rd May

Hobart 27th - 30th May

Melbourne 23rd - 26th July

I’ll be wet and waiting for you.

Cece Reign x

When it Reigns, it pours!

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to get wet?

Miss Cece Reign is back!

After a long 15 months of travelling, studying, indulging, exploring and so much more… I am finally returning to what I do best. With an incredible amount of excitement in my heart (and in my pants ;-)).

I thank every one of you who thought of me, who missed me, who tried to get in touch with me and who wished me well. Please know that none of it has ever gone unnoticed by me. I truly appreciate all the lovely words and eager enquires I have received during my holidays, even although I have been unable to reply.

Good things don’t last forever…

And that is why you will have me back for exactly five weeks before I venture back to my home Europe again. Mark your calendar and book in with me today!

Sydney: 24th October - 28th November

I’ll be wet and waiting for you.

Cece Reign x

News & Confirmed Tours




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